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Where I relive the experience and share all the feels before, during and after meeting these fantastic authors WHO ARE BASICALLY LIFE.
One of the most anticipated events of the year has reached its final date and I am so stoked to share with you how swell this event has been. National Book Store brought not one but THREE New York Times Best Selling Young Adult Authors in Manila. Meeting Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi the second time is just mind-blowing knowing that they wouldn't remember me but they did! And Veronica Rossi's so gorgeous and swell friendly in person! There were almost 2000 people who lined up for the public signing and yes, I was so lucky to have been given the chance to attend the Bloggers Forum, thus meeting these authors upclose and personal.

The Q and A didn't last that long but it was as if everyone's in a hurry. I understand that clearly because Tahereh and Riggs arrived in Manila around 4 in the morning and obviously, they're still jetlagged. I totes adored how Tahereh could be so gorgeous without even showing skin and her shoes? Fantastic. I loved Veronica's as swell and her teeth? Stunning. (Now I sound super creepy). I guess one of the most important question asked yesterday was what lesson did Veronica want her readers to learn from her trilogy and she answered:

"The most important lesson I wanted you to take away is the one you needed to hear the most. But I think that what emerged from me and what I noticed after writing the books is that there are two main ideas: first was the idea of being persistent, treating others well, love and kindness that you can be happy and that you can find happiness. The second is the idea of home. Is it actually a roof, is it the people you have in your life? What home really means to you."

The forum didn't also last long because the public signing would start in an hour. So we took what we could and did what we would normally do in a short span of time. I think this is the first time we all fangirled this hard. I mean, there were a little pushing and a lot of rushing but still enjoyed the entire forum nonetheless. You wouldn't pass on having the chance to giggle with your bookish friends around your favorite authors.

Awesome authors signing awesome books!
I couldn't stop staring at Tahereh to be honest. I was so start struck that she asked about my tattooes, she freaking remembered me from last year and she appreciated my tabbed copy of Ignite Me!! Goodness gracious. That moment was everything. Then Ransom kept bullying me about how many pictures I was planning to take with him and he was just so cool the entire time. He's still funny and ummm HANDSOME.

Also, we didn't attend the public signing anymore. Why you asked. We didn't want to add up to the number of people having their books signed and also we weren't needed there anymore. So we just dropped by and took these pictures.

over 2000 bookish people attended the event! awesome craycray, right?
And to wrap it all up, I had a swell time laughing my gums off with my bookish friends. Not only being a part of #PHYABookBloggers makes me so darn lucky, having them as friends makes blogging all worth while!

All my books are signed even my blogger shirt!
with sexy Veronica!
With gorgeous Tahereh!
With handsome Ransom!

Am so privileged for having been chosen as a part of Bloggers Forum and I truly feel that all my years of investing in blogging has finally paid off. Thank you National Book Store for recognizing my labor of love for books and for choosing me to attend this swell event. I will be forever grateful for all the chances you've allowed me to grab.

(Oh, and how many times did I say SWELL again? Because this was really a SWELL SWELL TIME!!)

Thank you ever so much (over and over again) #PHYABookBloggers , Veronica Rossi, Ransom Riggs, Tahereh Mafi and National Book Store for making my bookish life phenomenal!
 Don't forget to check these photos out:
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  1. Great post Kate! Will have to type mine soon...*feeling lazyyy

    1. Gaaaad! I didn't realize I never replied to these comments a year after! AM SO TERRIBLY BAD WITH THIS! Thanks, Chyna!

  2. So great seeing you again, Lady! <3 And so diligent of you to immediately post this... dapat lang. HAHAHA!! Very excited for the next event, so see you soon-ish. :) Great post, as always.

  3. Ahh Kate! Looks like so much fun! I'm so glad Harper Collins gets to do this for Phillippines! We haven't even had Ransom or Veronica over here, just Tahereh where I fangirled super hard too. She remembered me as well because she's awesomesauce like that.

    Wow 2000 people and I thought waiting in line for 4 hours was bad. Ahhhhh amazing!

    1. We just got lucky our local book store invites a lot of authors!! It was indeed a fun event! Thanks, G!

  4. It was sooo nice hanging out with you at the event, Kate! Now we can be noisy/talkative online AND in person! Haha! Awesome recap, most punctual blogger. :P

    1. Oh, diba! Took a year bago ako magreply! HAHAHA!! Thanks, Sab! Mwaaaah

  5. The smiles on our faces are priceless! Bookish events with the team are the best. Glad to have you guys as friends! See you at the next event! I miss you guys already. :) Cheesy, I know.

  6. 1) I MISS YOU
    2) I know I said this already but you look positutely beautiful in these pics
    3) Grabe, saludo ako sayo because ang bilis mo mag-post ng recap! HAHAHAHA!
    4) You're right, Veronica is definitely sexy. SHE'S TOO SEXY FOR HER SHIRT, TOO SEXY FOR HER PANTS, TOO SEXY FOR THE PHILIPPINES...imma stop now

    See you in June, yeah?

  7. YOUR RECAPS ARE AWESOME, OKAY. You are our transcribing goddess! (And our instagram goddess too!)

    And yes, Veronica is so awesomely gorgeous.

    See you soon, lovely lady! Love youuuuu!

    Lyra @ Defiantly Deviant


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